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I spent 2 weeks in New York over Christmas and New Year in 2017. It was my first time and it will not be my last, I was totally blown away. So much so I think it just nudged into first place as my favorite city! Everything about New York captivated me, from the food, craft beer, Williamsburg's boutiques, and Manhattan's Architecture. 

Photographically, New York is incredible, there's something of interest around every corner. It exceeded all expectations, I just couldn't take enough photos! There's also something amazing that happens around Times Square when it rains; the whole area seems to take on a Blade Runner 'Syd Mead' vibe. 

I've revisited that trip in my head at least 5 times a month, the city really got under my skin. However I keep looking back at the photographs I took and I've never been truly satisfied with how I edited them. Perhaps it has something to do with my memories being more vivid, remembering other senses that a photograph cannot capture, or maybe it could be that I edited the photographs with a pre-conceived notion of what a photograph of New York should look like? Saul Leiter's photographs and urban hipster brand imagery from Brooklyn spring to mind. Or It could just be as simple as I was just too damn excited so I rushed the editing process?

Having just looked through them for the 1000th time, I have decided to re-edit them for 2018! I think it will be an interesting experiment now the memories have started to fade a little, to tackle them again and edit them without the urgency and pre-conceived notions that perhaps hindered me the first time around. 

I'll upload the images here on the blog as I go, so without further ado, here's the first image titled aptly the Re-Adjustment Bureau...


Canon 6D Canon 70-200 F4 / iso200 / 135mm / f8 / 1/250sec